MISSIONmoto is a Washington State non-profit 501(c)3  motorcycle ministry that takes donated motorcycles (scooters and ATVs), gear, tools/supplies, and equipment  fixes and sells those donations to support  missionaries,  orphans, and special needs kids.  The ministry is built on the book of James.

The organization is currently self-financed and has a unique stewardship model executed by the Crew.  There are no dues, fees, or tithes paid by members.  Nobody is paid a salary.  The better we serve, the more we are entrusted with.  Outside organizations, vendors, and professionals donate products and/or services and tax receipt may be provided. 

The nonprofit organization is led by a Board of Directors and an attorney working pro bono.  They oversee: the spiritual health of the ministry, decision-making and communicating vision and direction, filing financial and legal documents, making purchases, training and disciplining, and disbursing funds.  The Crew is led by the President who disciples project manages and shepherds volunteers.

The all-volunteer Crew is at the heart of what we do.  Made up of souls from various churches, they work in fellowship securing donations, providing project management, executing the work, stewarding donations, and edifying the ministry.  The Crew has input on annual goals, setting priorities, and projects set by the Board.  They are an “answer to prayer” for those needing funds.  The fruits of the Crew’s good works make the ministry successful.  Being available to be used by the lord and willing to “put hand to plow” moves the ministry forward.

Anyone can join the Crew.  Open garage night is every Sunday night in West Seattle starting at 5:30 PM.  Please email us for additional information: mdaily@comcast.net.