Alas, we get to write about a Foursquare missions project. We love Foursquare churches! Pastor Jon Burgess of New Hope Seattle hooked us up with the Greer family who are missionaries in Papua New Guinea . For more about their ongoing efforts, please see visit their site:

An interesting chain of events brought us this bike. A friend who is the founder of Knucklebusters MC bought a parts bike from us and helped give advice about what MISSIONmoto needed for a working garage. Throughout the conversation, we helped resolve a titling issue and he was grateful for our help. In turn, he knew of this bike from a coworker who was looking to let it go. He arranged for it to get donated to nhs MOTO. We went way out in cow country and got it from a barn. He’s a friend of MISSIONmoto to this day and we keep in touch.

The story does not end there. God had a lesson in-store plus a few blessings depending on our obedience. Before the bike ran, we thought about selling it as is. We posted a CL add for $300.00 not knowing how much these bikes go for. I got about 15 responses within a half hour. Oops, wrong price. I called my friend who said that is was worth more but should probably honor my list price. The conundrum: honor a price to save face as a man, or go for the maximum amount for God’s people. We chose the latter and emailed all who responded saying we were going to pull the add and re-list it after getting the bike running. We got it running, re-listed it for a $1,000.00 and prayed hard for it to sell in time for our MISSIONmoto presentation at Life Church. A Japanese guy called me, offered us $1,200.00 . When he showed up, he really liked what we were doing and offered to by all Japanese vintage bikes we had, and those in the future. He buys old bikes in the US and exports them to Japan. I’m glad I obeyed God and the presentation at Life Church could not have been better after we added this testimony. It’s amazing how God will far exceed your expectations.