Global Commission

Introduction from our Crew to you!

MISSIONmoto is a Washington State non-profit 501(c)3 Public Charity motorcycle ministry

HumbleRumbles Youth Programs

Being a public charity, it was placed on our hearts to develop a program benefiting youth by enriching their lives with a unique “garage/shop” experience as well as fundraising for orphanages, foster care, at-risk youth programs, special needs youth and youth with disabilities or varying abilities. The HumbleRumbles program has no religious stipulations when administering projects or disbursing funds. You just need to have a heart to serve youth.

In addition, through HumbleRumbles, we cooperate with like-minded organizations for special programs where groups of youth work on exclusive projects which are motorcycle/scooter related. An example of this is a custom motorcycle project we did in cooperation with the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative funded out of the Seattle Mayor’s office and administered through Youth and Family Services.  CB750 Youth Bike

Global Missions

We financially support faithful missionaries fulfilling the Great Commission- spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Missionaries need to meet these criteria to qualify for support:

  • Believe that the bible (66 books from Genesis to Revelation) is the infallible word of God,
  • Believe in the trinity- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit- as God,
  • Confess Jesus as God’s only Son, Savior, and Lord, and inter-cessionary for man,
  • Believe that Jesus will return, but has not yet returned.
  • An example of a mission fundraising project can be found here >Dakota Bike

MISSIONmoto is self-financed through a unique stewardship model executed by the Crew. No dues, fees, or tithes are paid by members. Nobody is paid a salary or given any monetary compensation. The better we serve, the more we are entrusted with. MISSIONmoto survives on donated items. There are vendors and professionals who donate products and services as well. A tax receipt can be provided for donated services. The ministry is built on the book of James.

The all-volunteer Crew is at the heart of what we do. Made up of souls from various churches, they work in fellowship securing donations, providing project management, executing the work, stewarding donations, and edifying the ministry. The Crew has input on annual goals, setting priorities, and projects set by the Board. They are an “answer to prayer” for those needing funds. The fruits of the Crew’s good works make the ministry successful. Being available to be used by the lord and willing to “put hand to plow” moves the ministry forward.

The nonprofit organization is led by a Board of Directors and an attorney working pro bono. They oversee: the spiritual health of the ministry, decision-making, communicating vision and direction, filing financial and legal documents, making purchases, training and disciplining, and disbursing funds.