Hands for Peacemaking installs high-efficiency vented stoves in Guatemalan villages. This combats high mortality rates for kids in Mayan villages within Guatemalan. The stoves replace open fires which burn all day in their make-shift homes. Open fires in doors cause grave respiratory illness & death. Also, children get an opportunity to go to school instead of foraging for firewood all day. The goal is to share the gospel while installing these stoves. Hands for Peacemaking. Check’em out & support’em.

There’s a group from several churches in the Greater Seattle aria planning a missions trip with Hands for Peacemaking. Several guys from the MISSIONmoto Crew will be going on this trip. They arrive in Guatemalla on July 1st. Learn more about the trip by reading this Facebook note. Learn more at the team website and make a donation right now.

The story behind this donated bike is pretty good. It came from a guy who is our number one source for vintage parts and a self proclaimed atheist! He has chided the mission-minded motivation for the work we do. We just respond by saying:…”just wait, it’ll just make your testimony sweeter some day” 🙂

It is interesting that 3/4ths of all bike donations come from non-Christians. Also, this donation came from his poverty which really touched my heart. On pickup day, he was waiting for firewood to heat his home, wondering if he could make his mortgage payment , and concerned about mounting medical bills. He could not afford to give us this donation, but here he was doing it anyway. We amazed him by getting it running and sold within a couple months and over $400.00 went towards Hands for Peacemaking . It’s pretty cool when your donor becomes an opportunity to share Christ as well as the missions organization that profits from bike it’s dedicated to.

To the right is a picture right before we sold it. Below is it’s appearance in the garage It came to us with a ridiculously high sissy bar and an air-ride suspension as well as a humangaloid seat. We refurbished the gauges. They turned out like it came from the factory!

A big thanks to Andrew at A-1 Mobile Lock & Key who donated his services- as always- re-keying the ignition.

We tried to refit the seat and, well…we had good intentions. Chris in our group was just short of horrified with the upholstery job.