MISSIONmoto is a Washington state non-profit 510c(3) motorcycle ministry that takes donated motorcycles, scooters, parts, tools, etc, fixes and sells the items and gives the profits to missionaries, orphans, special needs and at-risk kids. Amen.

Great story with this one. It was donated by Jimmy G. His father, Bill Garland, lost his battle with cancer. Bill was a missionary in the airwaves with radio ministry and in the field helping the hurting and bringing the truth and grace of Christ. The best way for us to honor Mr. Garland’s ongoing legacy was to dedicate all the profits to the missions efforts he was involved in.The design inspiration was threefold. First, the original owner Seth (Jimmy G’s South Dakota home town friend), was hired to photograph surfers to promote Christian Surfing ministry; hence, the surfboard stripes and the oval seat.

Second, we looked to our impressive hotwheels muscle car collection for a %100 manly-dude-something. We found a Shelby Cobra with drag pipes. It needed to be manly because , Jimmy G. took up seriously supporting “Mo”vember promoting men’s health and early screening. The bike was worked on during the fund raising November month. The progress with before and after pictures were posted on Facebook. We completed it in time to make an Amazon.com’s Movember fundrasing event (the bike’s colors matched the “Mo” vember design campaign) where we rolled it into Tom Douglas’ Bravehorse Tavern restaurant. The all-volunteer MISSIONmoto crew really worked hard to make this happen.

Here’s what we did:

  • Removed, cleaned in ultrasonic machine and polished carbs, repaced one idle jet (standard jetting) and reset float height
  • Installed custom cafe seat
  • Installed clubman bars
  • Hours and hours of polishing and cleaning everything
  • Rebuilt front brake and painted with caliper paint
  • Installed custom rear brake light
  • Touched up with Black satin paint/removed rust from areas on frame
  • Prepped body work using Rage Gold body filler
  • Primer was 2x European
  • Custom Paint and Clearcoat was Dupont. Stripes are painted.
  • Left the frame intact, no modifications
  • Left the standard wiring harness intact from when the bike was donated, no modifications, just added the custom brake light
  • Made sure headlight, brake light, dash lights work

Overall project was done so that the new owner has the option to revert back to a stock cb550 if desired.