MISSIONmoto is a Washington State non-profit 501(c)3 motorcycle ministry that takes donated motorcycles (and scooters), tools/supplies, equipment and fixes and sells those donations to support missionaries, orphans, and special needs kids.

The organization is currently self- financed from the fruit of the stewardship model. There are no dues, fees, or tithes paid by members. Nobody is paid a salary. The better we serve, the more we are entrusted with. Outside organizations, vendors, and professionals donate products and/or services where a tax receipt may be provided.

It takes quite a bit of supplies, tools, and equipment to run this ministry. The operations are run like a small motorcycle shop, so the needs are quite broad. Here’s how you as a vendor could help:

  • Donate tools, supplies, or equipment
  • Offer tools, supplies, or equipment at a substantially reduced cost
  • Donate services- anything from sandblasting, painting, bodywork, mechanic shop hours, to accounting services.
  • Offer services for a substantially reduced price
  • Donate enclosed storage space for items waiting to be worked on

Please do contact us if it’s placed on your heart to support our continued operations. We would be happy to discuss our needs and can offer a tax receipt for your donation.

[email protected]